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If you own an iPhone in, you might be wondering about the best apps to download and use on your shiny new device. With over 2 million apps available on the App Store, it can be difficult to find the ones that best suit your needs and preferences. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best and smartest iPhone apps in 2023 on iOS 16, based on their features, ratings, reviews, and popularity. These apps will help you get the most out of your iPhone, whether you want to communicate, create, entertain, or learn



It is an app that helps you do your homework in Math, Physics, Chemistry and Algebra. With Solvely, you can take a picture of a problem and get an instant solution, enter a problem and get a step-by-step explanation, use a calculator that can handle complex operations, plot your equations and see how they change, and access a library of tutorials, videos, and practice problems. Solvely is not just a calculator, but a learning tool that helps you master the topics you need. Download Solvely today and make your homework easier and more fun.



2- Simple Call Blocker
It is a privacy friendly app that allows you to block unwanted calls to your iPhone. You can block or allow numbers or ranges of numbers, contacts, or spam neighbors. Simple Call Blocker is easy to use and reliable. You can see how many numbers are blocked and whether the app extension is loaded or not. Download Simple Call Blocker today and enjoy a quieter phone experience.



3- AppBoard
It is the ultimate app for exploring the App Store! It allows you to find great apps based on your interests and preferences, see global trends and ratings of apps in different categories, monitor your own apps or the ones you love, and access app details, ratings, and reviews from different regions and languages.



Video explaining all applications

4- Details Duo: Front & Back Video
Record video with front and back camera at the same time and share it on social media. Remix your shots with different colors and layouts. Sync your videos via iCloud and edit them in detail for Mac. Detail Duo is the app that lets you capture your story. in detail.



5- TweetLoad
It is an application that allows you to easily download videos and GIFs from Twitter. You can share videos to any app or access them offline at any time. Tweeload is the perfect app for saving and enjoying your media on Twitter.Cloak It is an application that helps you stay focused and productive by locking access to distracting applications for a certain period. You can create custom groups of apps and choose when to lock them. Cloak also sorts your apps into categories for easy selection. Cloak is the best app for controlling screen time and avoiding distractions.



7- Photo Quality Enhancement App
It is an app that converts your low quality photos into stunning high definition photos. It uses advanced algorithms to improve image quality, raise resolution, and reduce noise. You can easily improve your photos and share them with your friends and family. Photo quality enhancer app is the ultimate app to make your photos look amazing.



8- PureStatus
It is an application that allows you to share video and image status in HD quality on WhatsApp. It compresses your media files with minimal loss of fidelity and prevents them from getting distorted. You can also use PureStatus to split long videos into 30-second chunks for easy uploading. PureStatus is the app you need to make your WhatsApp status look amazing.



It is an application that allows you to automatically add subtitles to your videos. You can import or record your own video, create captions in 50 languages, edit any words or misspellings, and choose a style to suit your video. VEED also allows you to crop your videos and change the aspect ratio for different platforms. VEED is the app you need to make your videos more accessible and engaging.



10- CiteLighter
It is an app that allows you to easily share highlights from books or articles. You can take a photo or screenshot of what you’re reading and use CiteLighter to highlight the parts you want others to see. CiteLighter is the app you need to make your reading more fun and social.These are our top picks for the smartest iPhone apps of 2023 on iOS 16. We hope you find them useful and fun on your iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro. Tell us what you think of them in the comments below!


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