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best websites on the Internet from which you will learn something new or help you to grow your online business

looking for the best sites on the Internet in various fields or useful sites for you to learn then this

article is your destination. The world today is witnessing a technological revolution – the superiority of reason and logic – in the tremendous and remarkable development in the context of technology in terms of mobile phones and computers. Personal or professional.Therefore, in this article, we will present the best websites through which you can get the desired result from the goal behind the Internet and make the most of all its advantages.



Learning mathematics is the basis of running the mind.. the best sites on the Internet
Useful websites for learning mathematics Studying mathematics is useless”; This sentence has been repeated from time to time on the tongues of some since  formed the basics of mathematics. From this point of view, mathematics represents a major dilemma for those who believe that mathematics is nothing but numbers and symbols that have no concrete origins.



To make matters worse, this idea was planted in the students’ minds, considering mathematics as a subject taught in classrooms in schools. But they do not know that without mathematics, computers and search technology through search engines would not have existed in the first place, as it enters into several fields such as: the field of aviation, the military field, computer programming, statistics by estimating population growth, as well as banking and banking.



Therefore, seize the opportunity, and learn mathematics on the Internet with fun and smooth study methods through useful sites such as: Mathematics education for children Also, the free rice site for teaching mathematics. It contains many mathematical problems. Every time you solve a problem, it will add points to your account in the World Food Bank. These points contribute to donating grains of wheat to feed the starving people in Africa.



Useful PDF translation websites that make you roam the world in seconds
The best websites on the internet for translation
Languages ​​are invading the world day by day, there are about 100 languages ​​spoken around the world. Language is the primary means of communication between peoples with each other, but we are not obligated to be familiar with all languages ​​in order to be able to communicate.



Therefore I found machine translation in the form of professional translation sites on the Internet in order to translate languages ​​that are unfamiliar to us, either:PDF files through a free translation service such as: free online document translator, smallpdf, ReversoOther files such as: word through the most famous site word files as well, but by electronic payment they are not free, such as: multilizer, Babylon, protransla. Also, the smallpdf site converts word files to pdf with ease.



The best and most popular sites
Similar to translation, English is on top of the most common languages ​​in the world, as it is the most spoken language in the world. In addition to being the language of technology, medicine and other fields, for example: when you buy a new device, you will find the manual for use in English, as well as with medicines, you will find the inner leaflet written in English.



So learning English has become a foregone conclusion. Through this site you will find more than one model of conversation used in daily life. Eslfast, as well as other sites on the Internet to learn English such as: Business english site, video vocab, english club, English bananaSymbols may reach the level of complexity .. Useful sites to reveal symbolsIf you are looking for the meaning of any abbreviation in English, Abbreviations is the most suitable site for you. You will find the meanings of all the abbreviations in English easily.



Likewise, while you search for idioms, idiomatic expressions that give wisdom and folk proverbs specific to each country, they are considered one of the interesting ways that help to learn and acquire language skill faster and more comprehensively. The best sites to learn idioms for free: the idiom connection, the idioms



Useful websites on the Internet
The living part of the Arab identity on the Internet.
We cannot forget an important part of our identity, which is represented in the Arabic language, the language of Dhad because it includes the letter “Daad” that distinguishes it from other foreign languages, and it is also among the languages ​​spoken by the United Nations.



There are many sites for learning the Arabic language, such as: ABC, Dictionaries, Lisan Al Arab, Qutub, kaleidoscope, write correct, sweep.Reading is your way to travel through time without leaving space
And if you are a fan of reading in Arabic, you can browse the following site, Abjad, which contains a large amount of books in Arabic that have been evaluated extensively with the availability of an overview of each book.



Learn German and Hindi; for a better future for you
The German language is ranked among the ten most spoken languages ​​in the world, as it is the second most widely used language in the field of scientific research. Germans are world leaders in the field of engineering.



The English language and the German language are very similar, due to the presence of many words in the German language that are similar to the English language in pronunciation and writing; Therefore, we find that all Germans know the English language well, but they rarely speak it.



And since the German language offers many scholarships, then it will be an ideal opportunity for you to learn the German language so that you can get the right scholarship for you in your field of study.The most popular sites for learning German: actilingua, deutsched, German games, German for english speakers

1 Link website: icons8

2 Link website: debounce

3 Link website: dedupelist

4 Link website: infinityfree

5 Link website: pdf2doc

6 Link website:

7 Link website: mailercore

8 Link website: unlayer

9 Link website: gmass

10 Link website: magiceraser

11 Link website: lumen5

12 Link website: bigspeak

13 Link website: wordtune

14 Link website: narakeet

15 Link website: quickdraw.withgoogle

16 Link website: carrd

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