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How to monetize on YouTube To earn on YouTube, you must apply for the YouTube Partner Program and your application must be accepted. You may also be eligible to receive rewards for short videos through the YouTube Short Video Fund without joining the YouTube Partner Program.



How Much Money Do Youtubers Earn?
The average monetization on YouTube is from 0.5 to $1 per 1000 YouTube views depending on where the viewers are and the target audience. These numbers vary a



lot, but most channels get an average of 0.5 US dollars per 1000 views. This article will tell you everything you need to know about how to make money with YouTube and how much money you can get. But the idea of ​​earning is not questionable at all



and moreover anyone can do it but the only question is how much money can you earn. It is not an easy task to get enough subscribers and viewers to be able to live on it or at least to save you pocket money. Over time, surveys and studies show that making money online is a profitable way for millions of people to earn money using their profit making skills, events or talents. Profiting from your skills means turning your skills into money. If you want to earn money by creating and uploading videos,



we recommend you to use YouTube. You will need to make attractive and interesting videos that attract a large number of users so that you can earn money. A good way to start your video is with an introduction. There are many intro makers that will help you get a high-quality intro to give your videos a professional look. Here are tutorials on how to make a great intro in just a few minutes for YouTube without any additional experience or information. YouTube was founded ten years ago and has more than 819,417,600 hours of videos. In this article, we discuss how to make




9 – Platforms for freelance work through the Internet
Freelance platforms. They are sites available on the Internet. These sites specialize in self-employment. They also act as an intermediary between service providers on the Internet. You can subscribe to one of the platforms, whether it is Arabic or English, including those that specialize in a specific field, and others that are general. You



display your services in the field in which you intend to profit, and develop the service provided to people on the site, including Fiverr. Fiverr is a marketplace for services, through which it is possible to buy or sell services, as it is the largest website for electronic services. Fiverr manages services and purchase orders, as it provides laws regulating work between the service provider and its requester, as it brings together the two parties. the scientific experiments



Various registration methods:
You must first register on the Fiverr website, whether you are a buyer, or a seller, by heading to the Fiverr official website, a list will appear for data entry. The site enables you to register in three different ways, including your personal account on Facebook, e-mail, or your own Google account. By following the methods of profit from freelance platforms, you can complete the registration on the site by choosing



the appropriate method for you and then pressing continue. If you choose the email, it will allow you to choose your name as a user on the site, and your password, and it will be in English. The site will send a confirmation message for your registration and account activation, and you will be asked to complete your personal data, and add it to the account, such as adding a picture of your personal account. You can complete the steps and follow the ways to profit from freelance platforms by clicking on the Become a seller link, and entering the data as a seller.



Recently, this method of making profit from the Internet has increased in popularity. As it is a retail method that does not require you to pay any costs to open a store or even create a website specialized in buying and selling, you can do it through a page on Facebook or Instagram, for example. Through drop shipping, you do not have to keep the products in your own warehouse, but you can simply buy the product from a third party, and have it shipped directly to the customer.



Profit from the Internet through Tik Tok
Profiting from Tik Tok Tik Tok is one of the ways to profit from the Internet in 2021, by preparing video content or various video clips or educational, and then obtaining loyal followers, and then taking advantage of this fan base to profit from this new application in many ways. We will explain it. Read more about earning from Tik Tok



Profit from the Internet in the way of adults
Congratulations, you have reached the end of the article, and here I would like to share with you my own thoughts regarding profit from the Internet, bearing in mind that in Western countries where the Internet was invented, there are those who have succeeded in inventing large and huge sites such as Facebook and Amazon that



generate billions of dollars, and the truth is that Such people do not rely only on their intelligence and instinct in these inventions, but before that they were originally born in countries that contain great scientific progress, and lived in areas known for scientific progress and containing wealth and money, such as California, and they went to the most prestigious universities such as Harvard and MIT, and since some of them, such as Mark Zuckerberg, did not need to complete university



studies at Harvard University before inventing Facebook, as for us in the Arab countries, our countries are not known for scientific progress, and all the science that we have is a science cloned from the West, and thus loses the characteristic of leadership, We will not be pioneers in any scientific field in the world in the near future, and we will not be able to see something similar to Google or Amazon being broadcast



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