best free online dating apps near you for iPhone and Android

Dating programs near you or getting to know new friends has become a requirement for many users

This application differs from the Tinder application in terms of the way to navigate between users’ profiles, so the Tinder application simply moves your finger left orright, you can move from one file to another, while this application makes you navigate in the person’s profile and shows you a set of his pictures and stories, which is of course It’s mutually beneficial before the conversation begins.



But unfortunately, when you download the application on the iPhone, you need to pay a monthly subscription of approximately $ 10.99, and users of the Android operating system can download the application for free and without any monthly subscription, and these are among the reasons that made me leave the iPhone and buy Android, (and here I am not talking About this program exclusively, but I mean that most of the application you find paid here and free there).



Signal is a secure and encrypted messaging application
After the user’s privacy on the WhatsApp and Facebook application became insecure to the extent that it began with, it was necessary for users to move to use other applications such as Telegram; And we had talked about the most prominent features in Telegram that were not present in WhatsApp before that.

But if you are looking for the most secure application for conversations during your chats with your friends, or you are looking for the best encrypted application for chatting with friends without the fear that your data or private interests will be published. We recommend you to use the signal app.



Sabio software
This program clearly focuses on personality and intellect, as its idea relies on non-traditional meaningful communication, to establish deep and greater relationships than just hello or how are you and the Sabio program contains an explorer that includes a large number of questions and hypotheses.



Therefore, when you answer these questions, the program will bring you together with people who are similar to you in thinking, and the more your answers increase, the greater the chance of exposure to more people, who have the same thinking, then you choose the person you want and start the conversation with him to get to know him more.



Happn dating program near you
If you are looking for a chat program near you, you should use this application. Where you can download the application for free on Android phones, and you can also download it on iPhone without any subscription, unlike the Hinge application, as this dating program relies on the basis of connecting people to each other through the principle of intersections, as it will connect you to a network of people who were in the same places that you were In them, by showing their profiles in front of you.



The application also provides you with the ability to know the number of times you have gathered in the same place, when was the last time it was, and the last place, and then send a like in privacy, without the person to whom the addressee knows that unless he likes you too, and in the event that the admiration is mutual, you will have a crush And you can start the conversation. You can only chat with the person after you like them first.





Inner Circle



Hily Dating




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