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If you are new to the world of e-commerce and are looking for ways to enhance the method of payment or receive the money that you earn through your work on the Internet, there is no doubt that the first financial tools that you must have. It is the method of payment and the method of receiving this money. Despite the availability of traditional bank credit cards or those paid, there are other means that are compatible with the safety provided by many electronic banks on the Internet.



One of the most prominent and most important means of receiving or paying money is the well-known Pioneer card, a distinctive and highly secure card and the most used tool for receiving money from e-commerce, as it allows you to withdraw what is available in your balance from any ATM teller around the world and from any country. You can even transfer your financial balance from your PayPal account to this card without being charged with withdrawal fees imposed by traditional Visa cards on the withdrawn amount.



Although it is a MasterCard card, your balance is Debit, not Cridet. Which is in favor of this card when compared to other bank cards.How to get a Payoneer card that connects you to where you are
The official website of the Payoneer card imposes some restrictions on its issuance as the necessity for the applicant to have a pre-existing bank account, which makes the request for the card according to this criterion not easy. You deal with Payoneer by prior agreements.



These sites that will make it easier for us to order a Payoneer card are many. But here we chose a site that we tried and got the card through. It is the famous advertising site. This site acts as an advertising mediator between news sites around the world and advertisers, meaning that you will join this site under the pretext that you are the owner of a news site and want to display paid ads on your site.



Of course, we will not work to complete these steps, as there is no site, and they do not grieve, the goal is to create a “publisher” account on the site and then, through the steps that we will present here, we will create a site about the means by which we want to receive our profits that we will earn from advertisements



He will offer us one of the means available to him to pay us through, and among these means, the Payoneer card.
By choosing this payment method, a site will help us to create an account for this card on the Payoneer website and will transfer us here a “transfer link” that will remove the obstacles we faced whenever we wanted to order the card individually.



Card Features
You can withdraw your profits in cash from any ATM (ATM) around the world.
Payoneer company gives you a real bank account.
You can withdraw your profits from many online business sites.
The possibility of sending money free of charge from your account to any other How to get a bitvalexMasterCard, you will receive it within days account.
Guaranteed to activate your PayPal account
You can request a new card for free when your current card expires
First, we need to create a publisher account on the site


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european bank account: payeer


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