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How to open a global bank account in european union countries with a free Visa card

How to open a bank account in Europe for non-residents for free

Exclusive way to get free US bank account and VISA card An exclusive way to get an Visa card for free, an application looking for a mechanism to receive and send money from one bank account to another, or even to get a Visa card to activate your various accounts in electronic banks for free? This is what we will discuss today, dear followers, as we will offer you an exclusive way to obtain a bank account as well as a free electronic Visa card, as this explanation has not been touched by any other site with Arabic content.



The method that we will present to you today will depend on an application for the but anyone can easily obtain the account in it by simply converting the IP address in the phone to an one, where you will have the full right to use the application and register in it. The application is as this application is a special intermediary between you and bank, which will provide you with a visa card and bank account. What is distinguished in this application is that the bank account and the visa card can be used to activate the PayPal account, as well as many other electronic bank accounts.



In addition, you can charge your bank account and withdraw your profits in various other sites, as well as you can charge the Visa card and buy from sales and shopping sites. All the powers that can be done via other websites and other bank accounts can be done through this unique application. Follow this topic with us to the end to get your bank account and your Visa



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Exclusive way to get free US bank account and VISA card
There are many similar sites that provide such a service, but registration on those sites has become very difficult, and many users in the Arab world face the problem of closing accounts, but this method is exclusive and no one in Arabic content has previously provided it.



Steps to obtain a  bank account and Visa Card through the application
At first, we need to install an application through the Google Play Store, or through an external store link because the application is not available in the Arab countries and is allowed to be installed through Google Play Store.



Once the application is installed, we run one of the VPN applications on the United States  to ensure the success of this method, which we will explain the steps for later.Now we enter the application and from the main interface of the application we click on the registration option, which is in order to create a new account.



Now we fill in the data that the application will ask us for, where it is required to put an American phone number, and it is preferable to use the Google Voice application, but not a requirement that the phone number be confirmed, but as a precaution, and the email must be confirmed, because we will receive an activation message on it. Once you have completed filling in the information on this page, click on the Next option.



In this next step, we must activate our account, either through the first option, e-mail, or through the phone number, and as soon as the activation message arrives, we place it on the site and click on the Submit confirmation option.Articles related to electronic payment new site to get a virtual visa for free without the need to verify the account



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We will now be transferred to a new registration interface, where we must put a fake US account data, to ensure that the registration is completed, where you can get that information through the site that we will put for you at the bottom, and in the end we click on the Next option.



Now we complete the account data through the previous website, which we used in the previous step, and complete the registration process by transferring to the word Next. How to get a US account
Here we must pay close attention, because this step is the most important among the rest of the steps, which is to confirm the identity of the account through an identity card for a person where you can obtain this card through the website that we will provide to you.



You can obtain the ID number by entering this website, and clicking on the word Generate, where a confirmed and effective ID number will be generated for you, and then we copy this number and register it in the application in the previous step.



Upon completion of the registration, we agree to the application’s rules by clicking on the “Agree” option, and then we will be transferred to another green interface that tells us that the registration process in the application has been successful. Once this message appears and we confirm it, we will have to log in again to the application via our account that we registered



Now by browsing the side menu of the application, we will find the information we want, which is as follows:bank account that belongs to the Bank which is located in  supervises many financial transactions around the world. Bank
You will also be able to obtain a free e-Visa card, through which accounts can be activated, and even used for purchasing, shopping and various other operations.



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