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with whom you deal forever Withdraw a cashier Which is used to withdraw money or salary from a specific bank and most often it bears the visa card logo, but it does not work on the Internet or you cannot buy it through the Internet because it is It is intended for withdrawing money from the ATM only, and in this case you do not need to issue a new card all you have to do is contact the bank employee and ask him to do the online purchase service for you using this visa, and in most cases the bank



employee will ask you to visit The branch is to complete the procedures, but our advice to you is to issue a special card to shop from the Internet and be completely separate from the bank account on which you receive the salary or the account into which you deposit your money and the reason is that you do not know and know who you will deal in the Internet. My future is on the Internet because you know that your card contains only a hundred dollars only, and in the event of any problem, no one will



be able to withdraw more than the amount deposited in which is the best Visa or MasterCard. There is no big difference between them in terms of use that can be noticed, except that MasterCard may be Accepted on a number of sites slightly more than the number of sites that accept Visa and in general all the sites that we may need to pay through will accept both types of cards. Is it possible to obtain more than one Visa MasterCard? Yes, it is possible, but not from only one person under your name, but if you request it from another bank, this can be any one card from each



bank. Are there fees imposed on Visa MasterCard cards? There are no expenses except card extraction fees and a commission It is deducted when making deposits and purchases, it is estimated according to the bank issuing the card. It is a small commission, but there are no monthly or annual expenses. Places to obtain Visa MasterCard cards for online payment. Where to issue online purchase cards in Saudi Arabia


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