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The credit card is a product that allows you to borrow when you do not have money, unlike other cards such as prepaid mastercard cards where you can use the bank’s money and then pay it by the agreed date or when the card is shipped, bearing in mind that there is interest you will pay on the balance and it increases the month of Visa And a credit master card with some advantages that are available in credit cards and are not available in prepaid cards in order to have sufficient awareness of the



features of the financial cards that they carry, and you can refer to the banking customer service when you want to know whether the bank provides you with a specific feature that you want or not, please take into account that There is no such thing as prepaid credit cards because credit cards need to have a bank account with the bank that will extract the card for you. The advantages of credit cards are much more practical than prepaid cards. One credit card the size of your personal card can contain all your money and savings so you do not always need To carry your cash with



you when you receive a great deal of interest from the banks, there are some banks that charge cache fees when you get the Master A prepaid card, but in some countries some laws have been amended that oblige the bank to make all the fees and details of the cards clear while providing greater protection when the cards are lost or stolen. Is it necessary to open a bank account for prepaid cards? Of course, the prepaid card is an independent financial product where you buy it and put money in it . Cards linked to a bank account are called a direct debit card, as they work in a



similar way to prepaid cards, but they are linked to a bank account Who should use prepaid mastercard cards Prepaid mastercard cards are increasingly popular every year as more and more people in the United States have used this. The type of cards at least once a month, according to a study, anyone can use and carry prepaid MasterCard cards, but their extraction in many countries is limited to people over the age of years because the card is extracted without the need to create a bank account



or the need for a record Commercial Usually people choose prepaid cards to control the money they spend or make purchases either from the Internet or from a store. Prepaid cards may be a particularly good choice for high school or college students, and prepaid cards are also useful for people who are afraid of running out of money. In time of need, what are you looking for in prepaid cards? There are many types of credit cards that they offer you Banks, such as travel cards, balance transfer cards, and cards

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