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Get a European Visa Card for free, to your doorstep, send reception and purchase from the Internet, and more

How can I get a Visa or Mastercard card online for free?

Well they are all free if you are applying for only one. So you have to ask which ones don t have an annual fee. So you can go online and find out. It is possible that if your credit is bad, you will have to settle for the annual credit card fee. This is just another way to soak up and make money out of you! Even if you do not use this card all year long they will still charge you a yearly fee because that is what you subscribed to with




them !! It s also a shame that they cheat like these people who have no other way to get a credit card other than that which is guaranteed unless you can get now these secured credit cards are guaranteed because you pay them first before you get your card in the mail. This is the worst theft ever because you pay a “shark loan” to take your money first and then make purchases on it to the extent that you already paid for




it. Did you get it? I hate this scam because this is what I call a rip-off scam.It s like an insult that your credit is so bad that they directly plunge you into their scheme to make your credit good again by paying them first as they do for you the privilege of taking your money up front before you see your card. This is crazy how this works !! It

s crazy how they take advantage of you in this way because your credit is so bad. This is my opinion on both types of cards the annual fee is much better than paying the loan up front for me but the choice is yours if you have good balance you don t need any of these plunder schemes you can just apply for anyone you want. But because you asked me I gave options as alternative options for you





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