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how to open real bank account in europe and get free visa card and iban number

get free iban account and international visa card

Talking about the advantages of Bank BeseraFeature No. 1 You can send money from a European country to a European country for free without any fees and you can send an amount less than 0.50
Feature No. 2 Sending money from the card via the Internet to any country with fees, even if it is a European country through which the money sending platforms are



Feature No. 3 Security and the method of protection in which there is insurance with the phone number and the application or the mail through it an SMS containing a code that enables you to log into your account
Feature No. 4 Activating the Paypal account 100% of your bank account, linking the card, and buying from the banking Internet supports withdrawal from Paypal naturally from one to 5 working days, you will receive the amount to your account



Feature No. 5 The account supports the WordPress platform through which you can add Besera and you can receive money from your site in a very normal way for bank owners using bank cards other than Visa and MasterCard Feature number 6 You can receive money from any country in the world except for encrypted bugsFeature No. 7 You can communicate with the bank via phone, video and e-mail Feature No. 8 You can withdraw large amounts on a daily basis with very little fees 01% up to 650 euros and more than 4000 euros or dollars Feature No. 9 You can order more than one card from the same account more than 3 cards



Feature No. 10 Download the mobile application and control your account professionally and receive alerts when you reach an amount or purchase a specific product Feature No. 11 The bank gives you a special link to invite friends to register in the bank and you will get a commission of up to 10% The colors of the card, the price of the card request, the duration of access to the card, from where and how, and what happens to your account if you do not receive the card, and do you have money that can be stolen through the card? And how to maintain your account? From the ban, does the bank reduce the exchanged currencies?


Register for Visa card:  952 paysera

Register for Visa card:  9541 Get wise

Register for Visa card: 9654 Payoneer

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