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Program to recover deleted files, photos and videos from memory and computer

How to retrieve files for Samsung phones of all kinds for free using Samsung Kise Switch from the computer, you can find all the links at the bottom of the article links to photo recovery programs, videos for phones, computers, tablets and Apple devices for your phone to stop working for several reasons, either due to internal problems in the operating system itself or when exposed to some external conditions Such as falling on a hard surface and the phone screen being broken or when it fell into the water, for example, and therefore most people resort in such cases to specialized technicians in order to extract their important files from pictures or



videos or other from the idle phone, but what if I told you That you can extract your files yourself from any suspended phone, easily and safely. Yes, it is possible and very easy. Follow up with me the explanation to the end and an enjoyable and useful view that I hope for everyone now I will give you steps to retrieve your files from any phone that crashed or smashed the touch screen or stopped working on the Android system How do the first step The first way for users of the official ROM to ask how do I connect the phone and the screen No I will tell you that the definitions of any device



running the Android system, the company designed USB definitions for the company, for example, the Samsung devices, the kies program works with it, and it itself contains the definitions of all smart devices that run on the Android system, and once you connect your device by cable with the computer, it will be recognized and this is one of the ways that You can pull your files from a device whose screen has broken or stopped working, but the company recently updated its known program KIES and replaced it with the Samsung Smart Switch program that works with all Samsung Galaxy phones to support all Samsung phone user segments and works on



versions How to use the Samsung Smart Switch program that has been done Adding it from Samsung does the same work, but the interface and speed are different in identifying devices, and it supports all devices Samsung Smart Switch After installing the program, connect the phone and it will automatically recognize it and it contains two options, BACKUP and RESTORE. You can make a copy of all your files, even names, messages and applications. It can be stored on the computer and transferred to another phone in the same way, but you choose RESTORE and choose the backup



file. Also read: Applications to check your smartphone from hardware malfunctions for the Android system. Smart phones, like other electronic devices, are subject to malfunctions at any time, whether due to some problems in the software or hardware. The program works on all phones and computers, and it is considered the best program to recover deleted files, EaseUS is one of the most important programs and the most searched. By users on the Internet, as these programs depend on a feature to retrieve files deleted from devices, whether intended or by mistake. Easeus



is considered one of the leading companies in this field by providing it with the EaseUS Data Recovery program through which the user can retrieve his completely deleted files and in a way. The features of this program are easy to do with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional complete recovery of all types of deleted files The program supports many devices, computers, electronic boards, smart phones, memory cards, the program works on Windows devices with all its available versions, as well as on Macs. The program comes with a simple-to-use interface that provides



the user with good results for retrieval Its files are available in copies The first fig is free with limited benefits, and the second is paid with full features with the possibility to try for a limited time. You can download the program via this link EaseUS Deleted File Retrieval Program. One of the shocking things that many Android users are exposed to is the loss of various private data from contacts, chats, photos, or videos. Or study and work files and others, and below we explain how to retrieve files deleted after formatting on an Android device. Use the mobile correctly to retrieve deleted files after formatting in the Android device. The problem of losing files remains a real



problem for users, so many are looking for a way to retrieve the files they lost and be fully prepared to pay Huge amounts of money for the sake of restoring them and the repeated loss of files has become common among Android users, so some people are forced or mistakenly lose them, and your data can be secured by making a copy of your files through dedicated programs so that they do not fall into this problem in the future and we offer you an effective program that helps you solve the problems of losing files From your Android device even if after formatting very easily In use with great efficiency and power in scanning, EaseUS Mobisaver is the easiest Android application to recover data, such as deleted photos, videos, text messages, Whats



App conversations, and even contact records and repeated calls from both the internal memory of the phone and the external microSD card. Did you accidentally delete important files such as photos And video or songs, but it was from the phone or the computer or the external and internal memory. You can restore these files. All you have to do is follow this video from beginning to end with details in order to retrieve all the lost pictures and files. You can retrieve files, audio and videos deleted from the device with ease, whether you delete the files By mistake or top it up with the memory, memory, or hard disk, the phone, and that by using the sponsor



program, Restore deleted files, retrieve and restore files quickly in high quality without any errors. The quality of the images and videos remains as they are. They will not change in anything, as well as videos, songs and text files. Do not worry about losing files. Deleted from any computer, phone or tablet portable programs a Those with this task are many, but some of them are very bad and some of them are good. You can download the program to restore files for the phone from the Internet or the famous application store Google Play, as is the case from the iPhone and Mac store, there are programs for Android phones that need root and others you do not need,



but the programs that work with the root are better than the ones. Do not run by root, I mean, the root gives more powers to control the phone and the phone files, which gives preference to the root program in the competencies of this for the phone. And tablets that run on the Android system from Google, as well as Apple s iPhone and iPad, have special programs for the computer, as well as the same Windows Mac and computer systems. A deep scan of the computer will be done to search for the



remnants of files in order to discover you. From pictures and files 4 choose the memory or disk from which you want to restore USB SD SSD 5 The next screen asks you to specify the place you want to save the files 6 Wait a little while to check the device according to the type of files and the size of the files and see the profile. You can do that during sleep in order to leave the program running, especially if it is The files are large or the type of memory Hardisk

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