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The Relationship Formation and Maintenance Psychology

She received her journalism degree from Northwestern University and her articles on relationships identity and wellness have appeared in The Cut, Vice, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan and elsewhere. Defining a RelationshipBasic TypesRomantic RelationshipsIn Psychology How to Define Your Relationship These days, the word relationship is used so often that it’s often assumed that there’s a universal definition. In reality, however, the word encompasses such a wide variety of



types of human connection, both romantic and non-romantic, and it’s likely that no two people have exactly the same understanding of what constitutes a relationship. So  here’s a cheat sheet of the basics. A relationship is any type of association or connection between people, whether intimate, platonic, positive or negative. When people talk about “being in a relationship  the term usually refers to a specific type of romantic relationship that involves both emotional and physical intimacy, some degree of ongoing attachment, and monogamy romantic and sexual exclusivity in which the members don’t have that type of relationship



with anyone else  However, romantic relationships can take many different forms, from marriage to casual dating to ethical non-monogamy. There are four basic types of relationships  family relationships, friendships, acquaintances, and romantic relationships. Other more nuanced types of relationships may include work relationships, teacher-student relationships, and community or group relationships. Some of these types of relationships can overlap and coincide   for example two people can be both work colleagues and close



friends. There are also many variations within each category, such as E.g. codependent friendships, sexless marriages or toxic family members. Basic types of relationships: Family relationships, also known as family members or relatives Friendships Acquaintances Sexual relationships Work or professional relationships Teacher-student relationships Community or group relationships Location-based relationships such as neighbours, roommates, and landlord-tenant relationships Enemies or rivals Relationship with self Types of romantic Relationships. There are many different relationship terms that people use to define their relationship



with themselves and with others but the following are some of the most important basic types of romantic relationships: Dating Dating is the process of intentionally spending time with someone to make them better get to know. have fun together and enjoy being romantic. Dating can sometimes be about seeing if there’s potential for a longer term relationship or it can just be about having fun without any expectations for the future, which is sometimes referred to as casual dating. Not everyone agrees on what level of commitment is implied when two people say dating  Some people only use the term when a defined, committed



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