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How to start selling on Amazon

How to start selling on Amazon

How to start selling on Amazon Whether you have already commercially or if you have a great idea for a new product or if you have a passion for sale, here’s how to take the next step with Amazon Manual for sale on Amazon Download e-book Before starting Study a strategy for selling your products Trademark owners manufacture their own products or import goods to sell them under special mark; To provide a specialized items for shoppers.Vendors and distributors find the most famous products already and they are presented at Amazon Stores You can choose the best way to achieve your goals.Study the shipping strategy for your products



Shipping by Amazon – If your products are among the best-selling products which are highly competitive, or if you do not have a storage warehouse, choose the shipping service by Amazon  Easy charging service – If you sell thousands of products and you have a storage warehouse to meet the delivery needs the next day, choose easy shipping service.Follow a lot of selling partners, using the shipping by Amazon for the best-selling products and easy shipping service for other products.
Self-shipping – if you want to ship yourself or if you have products weigh more than 25 kg, choose self-shipping.Learn shipping options here Create a seller account on



Amazon You can use your buyer account to start selling, or you can create a new vendor account on Amazon using your business email. Before registering, make sure you provide the following:Email address or buyer’s account on Amazon Phone number can be reached through The national identity card such as an ID card or Saudi residence (verification of identity protects sales and customers)
Corporate – Commercial Register If you are the company owner. If you are a legal representative of the company, the Commercial Registration and Agent.
For individuals – either a modern bank account detection, credit card statement, water or electricity bill. Bank account where Amazon can send the returns you will achieve from your sales Create an Amazon account account



Help Guide
Stuck during recording? Do not know how to continue? The following is a quick recording guide to help you launch and start your business on Amazon.
Download the new registry directory Add your products
What can you sell on Amazon? This depends on the product, category and brand.
Some categories are open to all sales partners, some of which require approval to sell, and some include products can not be sold by sales partners.



To learn more about Amazon Categories, visit the Sales Center to learn more about restricted groups and how to request approval. If you charge requests with the shipping service by Amazon (FBA), make sure to check the desired papers list for products that are charged by Amazon.



To sell protected brand products under copyright or trademark or patents, the legal owner of the brand or certified vendor must be.
Details of insert products
To start selling a product on Amazon, you must add a new product at the sales center (or through API application programming interface).
The product insert list includes the following:



Product ID number, such as GTIN, UPC, ISBN, or EAN to determine the product you sell exactly. You can get the UPC code directly from GS1 or request exemption.
SKU inventory console, a product ID number you create to track your inventory.
Display details, including price, product and quantity available and shipping



Product details such as name, brand, category, description and images.
Keywords and search terms to help buyers find your product.
If another seller displays a product already inserted on the site, the available product will be matched (which means that some details will already exist, such as product ID). If you are the first seller who offers a certain product, and you create a new insert list Product Details Page Your product details will be displayed on the Product Details page. If you’ve everenery on Amazon, you’ll have already seen one.
Product Details Page is where customers find all information on a particular product.



When the same product is displayed from several vendors, Amazon collects data from those different offers on a single details page. Sellers who dispose of the product contributing information are also available – or request their reviews if the information displayed is incorrect If you sell your products under registered trademark, taking into account the registry in the list of brands in Amazon, a free service that gives you an extra control in the product details pages that use your brand name More information on brand recording>
Address Maximum characters, write the first letter from each word in English.



500 x 500 or 1000 x 1000 pixels to increase items listed.
3. Set sub-properties of the product
Such as colors, odors or different sizes. 4. Census points
Short sentences describe the product clearly and highlights the main characteristics and features. 5. Featured Offer (“Buy box”)
The presentation is featured on the details page. Customers can add to your
The same product sold by other vendors at a different price or different charging options … ect. 7. Description
Works keywords improve your chances of finding your product.






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