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Whether you are considering moving to the UK or have already arrived, you will at some point need a bank account. In the past, opening a bank account in the UK was very difficult if you were new to this country. Thankfully, it s just getting a little easier these days. Here s how to do it. What documents



do I need? To open a UK bank account, you will need two documents: one to verify your identity and the other to verify your address. This applies both to the branch and online. Proving your identity is simple. You only need your passport, driver s license or ID card (if you are an EU citizen). You will also have to prove your address by submitting another document. Each bank has



its own list of documents accepted as proof of address. In general, these include: • A lease or mortgage statement. A recent electricity or gas bill (less than a month); A recent bank or credit card statement (less than a month old) that was not printed from the Internet; Or • the current council tax bill. How to open a UK bank account without proof of address? Of course, if you are new to the UK you likely don t have any of the documents on this list.



Fortunately, banks in recent years have become a little more flexible in what documents they will accept as proof of address. If you are in the UK to study, for example, many banks will accept a letter from your university s admissions office confirming your address. Many banks also accept a letter from Jobcentre Plus confirming your National Insurance number or even a letter from your employer, as long as it is less than three months old. There is another way. Before leaving for the UK, go to your bank and ask them to change your mailing address to your UK address. You can also do this





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